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Copica - Information on the Dog Breed, Puppies, Physical Structure and Temperament of the Copica Dog

The copica is yet another example of a cross bred dog that is the result of breeding between the Corgi and the Cockapoo.

Like most mixed breed dogs , to truly gauge the temperament , physical attributes and the suitability of the copica, those interested in adopting a copica puppy should ideally get acquainted with these traits in the paternal breeds so that they are well informed of the possible behavioural and physical aspects of the copica.

Physical Structure of Copica Puppies

If you’re looking for Copica dog information, the best place to begin would be with the physical features that distinguish the dog breed. Copica puppies are typically available in three standard coat types which could range from long haired with a fluffy face, long haired with a not so fluffy face or even a shorter haired coat.

With regards to the physical structure of the copica dog, they are usually sturdy boned , very stocky and short dogs that are known to carry their tails in a loop over their rump. The ears of the copica dogs are of medium length and floppy.

Copica puppies will grow to 12 inches tall and a fully grown copica will generally weigh anywhere between 10 to up to 20 pounds. The copica is usually found to have a coat that is black, tan and white  or even have a coat that could be any shade of sable. The grooming time for a copica depends on the length of the coat and hence the shorter the coat , the less is the time required to groom them.

Temperament of a Copica Dog

The copica temperament is known to make it an excellent family member as they are very fond of people and children. The copica dog is very smart, outgoing and has a pleasant amiable disposition. Most dog trainers and pet enthusiasts who have dealt with the copica state that the breed of dogs is rather easy to train and they love the water. The copica being a small sized but sturdy and playful dog is known to make an excellent companion for children. Those who travel frequently and are hence concerned about adopting a dog should definitely consider adopting copica puppies as they make excellent travel companions and are in fact known to enjoy car rides or long drives with their owners. If you travel a lot but cant take your dog along, then it would be best not to get one! Dogs form close bonds with their owners and cannot be left unattended for long periods of time. Copicas can be particularly affectionate and require attention from their owners, in whose absence they can get extremely distressed.


  Submitted on December 12, 2011  

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