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Monkeys are extremely intelligent animals that exist in almost each and every corner of the world, and their species vary from one region to the next.

Hence, there are a large number of monkey breeds. These agile animals can be categorized into 2 groups; first, the New World Monkeys and second, the Old World Monkeys. Monkeys that are found in India, Japan, Central and Southern Asia and Africa fall in the 1st category, while the one’s that are found in South and Central America and Mexico fall in the 2nd category. The two groups can be distinguished on the basis of their physical traits.

Here are some interesting monkey facts. Monkeys constitute a large, varied class of mammals which belong to the primate order. Being agile, they make excellent climbers.

Most monkeys are basically arboreal.

Almost all live in subtropical or tropical climates. These animals have flat faces, which to some extent are human in appearance. In addition to this, they have highly developed hands and feet, which are ideal for grasping. These animals, unlike the apes, are unable to swing arm over arm, with the exception of the spider monkey. They move from one tree to another by running on all fours, along the branches. Just as in humans and apes (females), the reproductive cycle is monthly. Monkeys live together in large groups, and each group may consist of hundreds of individuals.

Here is some monkey information that may help, if you are looking at getting a pet monkey. Keeping a pet monkey is not as easy as it may sound. Monkeys are extremely complicated primates that require a lot of care and attention. A monkey that has been looked after well can live for anything between 20-40 years, during which they need your full attention and commitment. They are also expensive to feed and house. In fact, some need specialized diets, the preparation of which may be time consuming, particularly if one has a hectic schedule. Apart from this one needs to devote a substantial amount of time, purely towards their routine care. Being social animals, a pet monkey will not appreciate being ignored, and they require their owner’s constant attention. Pet monkeys, if deprived of attention, are known to develop severe psychological issues and behavior problems. Introducing new people into your life may also be a problem as they can be extremely possessive. Finally, apart from being messy, a pet monkey can prove to be extremely destructive and mischievous, particularly when bored.

  Submitted on July 13, 2010  

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