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Rabbit Health

Rabbit Health Care Information

Rabbits are interesting and wonderful pets.

However, you should know what you’d need to do as a pet owner and the steps you need to take when looking after a pet rabbit. You should also know about rabbit health problems, and rabbit care and health.

Before you bring home a rabbit, find out if the animal is meant for you. Rabbits have a long life span, and you need to take care of the pet all through its life.

Rabbits are known to become close to their family members. Bunnies need to be taken to a vet regularly for routine health examinations, and need a lot of care.

Rabbit Health Issues

It is advisable to speak to a rabbit vet, who can tell you what you should do and what you shouldn’t, when it comes to your rabbit’s health.

You might have to vaccinate your rabbit against certain diseases and can work out a preventive health plan with the vet.

Healthy Rabbit

You might be able to figure out if a rabbit is healthy or not by looking at it. It is advisable to choose a healthy rabbit as your pet. You must take a close look at the bunny you intend to take home to assess its personality. You can get one at a rabbit rescue home or at rabbit shelters. You can also consult your doctor about any rabbit health issues that you have.
  • Choosing a rabbit cage: There are certain considerations that you need to think about when getting a cage for your pet rabbit. The cage should be spacious, easy to access and easy to clean. A large cage is also good for the rabbit in terms of space to scurry about and exercise. A rabbit that can move freely around its shelter and gets enough exercise will be healthy.
  • Diet for Rabbit: You must feed rabbit pellets to your pet rabbit. Apart from that, it is advisable to supplement rabbit diet with fresh vegetables and greens. We suggest you speak with a vet about the kind of food that you can feed your rabbit. Do remember that a healthy diet will keep your bunny healthy. Thus, a high-fiber and balanced diet is essential for its health.
  • Toys: Rabbits are curious and active, and it is advisable to keep some toys for them to play with.
  • Training: It is believed that rabbits are easily trainable, and with some patience you can help them adapt quite well to life as house pets. However, they have a tendency to dig and chew, and it takes a lot of time and patience during litter training.  

  Submitted on December 15, 2010  

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