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Pet Rabbits:

Rabbits are small furry animals that are found in many parts of the world.

There are many species of rabbits but the most well loved ones are the , the cotton tail rabbits and the Amami rabbit, which is now an endangered species. Rabbits are generally known to live in burrows in the wild. When in the wild, they like to live among others of their kind and are usually found in meadows, thickets, bushes and thick forests. Some species may also inhabit deserts and wetlands. Even though European rabbits are the most well known all over the world, one of the little known pet rabbit facts is that the highest number of pet rabbit breeds are found in North America.

Pet rabbits are kept indoors and therefore are known as house rabbits. Rabbits are small and delicate and therefore need a separate place where they can be safe. They are usually kept in small indoor pens or cages. A lot of these pens and cages are especially made to be put in living rooms or family rooms. Rabbits require plenty of exercise and therefore their pens must be large enough for them to run around in.

Rabbit as Pet:

Rabbits are extremely cooperative animals and can be tamed very easily.

When handled right from their birth, rabbit training can be given to use litter boxes. They can be trained to obey orders and some rabbits may even come when their name is called.
Rabbits can also be kept in a hutch outside the house. They make excellent companions for their owners. In the day time, rabbits enjoy the fresh air and sunlight and at night, they can be brought indoors so that they are safe. Their indoor pens should ideally have shelves, balls and tunnels in which they can run around and play. This kind of a pen acts as a substitute for the real wild world.There are many kinds of pet rabbits. Most of them enjoy their owners’ company. They also enjoy running around in their pen and are usually quite active during the day. Rabbits are fed timothy hay and fresh fruits and vegetables. They have sharp teeth and can chew hard vegetables. Since rabbits are small, they can easily fall prey to predators. This makes them extremely alert and often timid. Though small children may fancy rabbits, they do not make good owners. Rabbits have extremely fragile bones and they require very gentle handling. Since rabbits have become popular and well loved pets, there are many places where you can find out more information about pet rabbits. This information is especially important for those who are first time rabbit owners.

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