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Rabbit Breed

Rabbit Breeds:

Rabbits are a family of small furry animals.

There are several breeds within this family and all of them are of different sizes, shapes and colors. They can also be distinguished by the type of their coat. Rabbits also have breed standards and those who take their rabbits to shows, are very particular about their attributes. An average owner may not know about the breed standards of rabbits.

In fact, most of the pet shops offer rabbits that may not be pure bred. However, if a rabbit is not purebred, it does not take away from its value as a pet. There are both giant and dwarf rabbit breeds which is an indication of the variation in the sizes of the animal. There are some rabbits which have a small coat and there are some which have a longer coat.

Here are some of the commonly found domestic rabbit breeds:

Dutch Pet Rabbit Breed:

This is a small breed that has a charming disposition. The Dutch rabbits have a characteristic white colored band that runs from their head to the front part of their body. There are several colors of coat in this breed and it is one of the most popular pets in rabbits.

Polish Pet Rabbit Breed:

A dwarf rabbit, this small animal does not even weight a full kilogram. It has a long body which is quite graceful. It has an extremely alert temperament and is usually white in color, with red eyes. There are other colors like black and blue in this breed however, the white one is usually preferred as a pet. The polish rabbit has smooth and shiny fur because of which it gets its name. This rabbit can be ill tempered and therefore is not recommended for first time pet owners.

Belgian Hare Pet Rabbit Breed:

Among all the breeds of intelligence this one ranks among the highest in terms of intelligence. This small animal is an attractive one. It has thick fur that is of reddish in color. It looks a lot like a hare because of which it is called so. It also has very long ears.

Himalayan Pet Rabbit Breed:

This is a rabbit which has a white coat on which there are several markings in a variety of colors. These markings on the ears, nose and tail can be black, lilac, chocolate and blue in color.
Angora Pet Rabbit Breed:

These are one of the most easily recognizable breeds. These have a distinctive coat which is extremely soft. A high maintenance pet, the Angora rabbit requires frequent grooming in order to remain clean and healthy.

  Submitted on July 13, 2010