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Mini lop

Mini Lop Rabbit Breed

The Mini lops (Holland Lop) is the smallest breed of Lop rabbit.

These little floppy eared bunnies are very cute looking and are extremely popular in the pet world. They love attention and affection. However, they are naturally more skittish and less friendly as compared to their larger counterparts. They are very easy to maintain because of their short hair.

They are very intelligent and so are very easy to house train. If given proper training, mini lop rabbits can become loyal and affectionate pets for the whole family, including kids.

Mini lop rabbits have a fine bone structure which gives them a muscular structure with broad shoulders, deep chests, and short, thick legs. The adult mini lops average weight is approx.

3 1/2 pounds, however, some of them may go 5 1/2 to 6 1/2 pounds. Mini lops rabbits come in all colors. The recognized color groups are agouti, broken, self group (white pointed), shaded, and white band. There are also many colors that are not recognized such as harlequin, otter, silver marten, blue seal, broken pointed white, chocolate, and blue point. Mini lops are vegetarian and primarily eat grass hay/timothy hay and plain pellets without dried fruit and nuts.

If you are planning to buy a mini lop, you should be looking for the following characteristics:

  • Head: You should always look for bright eyes and nice floppy ears. The eyes should not be too close together, and the inner part of the ear should be visible.
  • Body: The body should be round and compact. Their coat should be dense and not too long or too short.

Here are a few pet health care tips you should keep in mind if you are planning to keep a mini lop as pet:

  • You should give them sufficient time to get along with you and your family. Do not introduce them to the kids at the beginning as there could be instances where they might attack. Give them proper training and they will be all yours.
  • Before giving them food you should always contact your veterinarian because they are very sensitive and soon get diarrhea. You should give them plenty of water and ensure that their water bottle has water all the time.
  • Mini lop rabbits are by nature clean animals. However, a bi-weekly bath is preferable. After the bath, you may clip its nails and clean inside its ears with a Q-tip.
  • Like any other pet, mini lops need exercise to maintain their weight. Make a routine for play time and involve yourself as well.


  Submitted on June 9, 2010