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A ferret is another small domestic pet.

They are typically brown in color and have thick fur which is black, white and brown. They can measure from five inches to twenty inches measured from their head to tail. Ferret life span is about seven to ten years.
Ferrets belong to the family of weasels and appear a lot like them. The males however are significantly larger than the females. They are elongated but small and fall prey to larger animals when in the wild.

One species called the black footed ferret is on the verge of extinction.

Ferret as Pet

It is believed that the ferrets were domesticated about 2,500 years ago. They are useful in hunting rabbits and are still used for this purpose. However, in many homes, they simply serve as faithful pets. A pet ferret may also be bred with a polecat since they have a close association. The resulting hybrid offspring is known to cause damage to native fauna.

As pets, ferrets have gained popularity only recently. Until the 1980s, they were rarely seen as pets. Ferrets, at one time, were celebrity pets and some of these celebrities that took a fancy to them¸ started to promote them in their books, movies, and television appearances. Ferrets can be active pets. However, they spend most of their day sleeping. An average ferret sleeps for about fourteen to eighteen hours a day. They do not sleep so much in one go. Usually, they sleep in periods of two to six hours each time. A baby ferret however, may sleep for longer periods, waking only to feed.

When not sleeping, they are curious and highly energetic. They like to play with animals and often solicit their company. Though mostly endearing, some ferrets are known to have been extremely tough to handle. Ferrets like to play with human beings. They may play hide and seek or catch games with their human families. Their instincts are very strong and due to their nesting instinct, it is not unusual to see them carrying food or toys to a secluded corner. They often form an attachment to different objects and may keep bringing that object back to their hideout. Ferrets are exciting creatures to watch. When excited, a ferret usually performs what is known as the war dance. This dance may seem threatening but in reality, it is an invitation for play. They may fall or trip on their own feet while performing this gleeful dance. One of the little known ferret facts is that they have a tendency to bite. Though this biting is playfully done or is just a sign of mock fighting, it may hurt the human. When they are teething, they may bite really hard and a doctor should be consulted immediately.

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  Submitted on July 13, 2010