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Ferret Care

Ferret Care

Taking care of a pet is always a tedious task, but when you have small pets, you not only have to care for them, but also have to be careful not to trample them or injure them while playing with them or handling them.

Pet ferret care is also a tedious task, though not as tedious as with some of the other pets. Since ferrets spend most of their day sleeping, caring for them may not be as hard. They do need regular grooming and you have to give attention to their habitats, health and their diet. Ferrets have a shedding season during which they shed their topcoat.

It is during this season that the ferrets need to be brushed everyday. They can pretty much take care of themselves the rest of the time. If not brushed regularly, the ferret may get a hairball.

Pet stores usually have equipment for ferret grooming. You may have to brush them and clip their nails too.

For this, you will get special ferret brushes and clippers. Ferret nails have veins running through them so if you do not know how to clip their nails, it is best to let a vet do it. You may also clean the ferret’s ears using a Q tip. Your pet ferret may also need regular tooth brushing. Their teeth are small and you may not find toothbrush this small. However, you can simply apply some toothpaste on a finger and rub it on the animal’s teeth.

Care for Ferret

If you are wondering how to take care of ferret on a daily basis, the answer is simple. Their litter boxes and cages need cleaning every day. While the cage can be cleaned once a day, the litter boxes should be cleaned at least twice or thrice. In their waking time, it is best if you play with them for some time. Make sure that there is clean water placed in their bowls. Change the water everyday and clean their food bowls too.

Their bedding should also be changed frequently. Changing the bedding once a week, is ideal. Their nails need to be clipped every 3-4 weeks and their toys etc should be washed once a week. Once a month, you may even wash their cage. This entire routine will also involve ferret health care. Ferrets are especially prone to developing adrenal diseases and therefore should be periodically taken to the vet.




  Submitted on May 12, 2010