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Having a house cat as a home pet is not only a great joy but also a huge responsibility and whether they've been adopted or have come from the cat rescue shelter home, they need a loving and responsible owners that will not only provide them with good nutrition and warm shelter but also make sure that their health and welfare needs are not compromised.

Cats come with a wide spectrum of cat health problems and cat health issues and it helps to identify symptoms and signs of illness in a short span of time that can ensure timely and adequate treatment for a speedy recovery.

As a responsible cat owner, one of the most important aspects is to ensure that your cat is healthy and this can be done by cooperating with the cat's veterinarian in order to prevent cat health problems.

It helps to seek answers from medical experts on cat health questions and prevent any cat health issues before it can become serious or even life-threatening to your cat.

Cat Health Symptoms:


Always keep a close look and watch out for signs of good health as well as unusual symptoms that may point out to any sickness or illness. It is also important to note your cat's eating habits, typical behavior, likes and dislikes in appetite and other habits that may be useful in singling out any feline health problems or any particular cat health issue. Another important step that a responsible owner needs to take is to ensure that the cat receives regular veterinary visits for preventative healthcare. Sometimes even though your cat may appear healthy, a vet may be able to identify or see certain things that you might have missed. With the help of specialized tools and skills, vets able to make exact diagnosis as well as thoroughly examine cats in the event of any unusual symptoms.

Vaccinations are a must and extremely critical in helping to keep your cat healthy against a whole host of diseases. Given the extent and severity of some highly contagious disorders and fatal illnesses, vaccinations not only enables and strengthens the cat’s immune system but also helps it to fight against diseases. Although good nutrition and parasite control is essential in ensure and healthy skin and a good coat, regular and frequent grooming in the form of brushing and an occasional bath are also helpful in making sure that you have the best-coiffed  feline in the vicinity.

  Submitted on July 13, 2010  

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