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Cat depression

Feline Depression Symptoms

Cat depression is not an unusual phenomenon.

In the earlier days when a cat was suffering depression the owners were unable to identify the problem. Earlier views did not give any thought to the cat ever suffering from conditions like cat depression or cat anxiety or even cat stress. However modern day studies have indicated that cats do indeed suffer from all these problems.  The main ways of identifying if one’s cat is suffering from these problems is by gauging the signs or behavior changes that the cat might exhibit.

Some of the main signs include loss of appetite or poor eating habits on the part of the cat, if the cat tends to sleep even more than it normally does, or if shows unusual or out of character signs of aggression. Some other signs that owners can watch out for are listlessness on the part of the cat, or sudden attention seeking behavior, or if the cat suddenly stops using the litter box. Even changes in the way the cat grooms can be an indication of cat depression.

Cat Depression Treatments

There are a variety of ways in which cat owners or care takers can try in helping to cheer the depressed or stressed cat. Some of the simple steps include trying to check if there have been any changes made in the cat’s daily routine. Cats are found to be creatures of habit. So if there has been any change to its schedule or in the kind of food that was being given to the cat, these may be the reasons for the change in the cat’s behavior. Try switching back to the earlier routine or the kitty food that was being given before. Another reason for a change in the cat’s behavior can be a result of the owner’s behavior patterns. Cats are sensitive to humans emotions and can pick up on their behavior and be influenced accordingly. Hence the owner should try and be cheerful around its cat. Owners should also keep aside some special play time with their cats. Cats like the interaction time that humans spend with them. Owners should try and make contact with their cats and show them enough affection and petting. Cat’s like human contact be it in the form of petting or playing or grooming. Allow the cat enough time to play in the open doors. Keep the window or the door open and take the cat out as often as possible.

  Submitted on May 7, 2010  

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