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Cat diarrhea with blood

Diarrhea in Cat with Blood:

While cat diarrhea is a rather common occurrence amongst pets, bloody cat diarrhea is not.

Usually diarrhea is nothing to worry about in either cats or humans. It is a bodily response to various factors. In most cases, it is your cat’s diet that is at fault.

Usually if you change cat food brands, without giving your cat time to adjust to the new brand, diarrhea might result. It could be due to intestinal irritation or something your cat could have possibly ingested. When we talk about diarrhea we usually mean both a large number of visits to the kitty litter box as well as watery feces.

This is indicative of feline intestinal problems. Furthermore this could have to do with issues with either intestine (that is, small or large) or possibly both. Cat diarrhea with blood is usually indicative of feline large intestine problems. Other symptoms that often go along with such large intestinal problems in cats would include presence of mucus and depression. If your cat has bloody diarrhea it would be in your cat’s best interest to seek professional veterinarian advice. In other cases you could probably just get a medication recommendation over the phone. However, in the case of bloody cat diarrhea, your cat might require a trip to the vet or the vet may simply ask for a sample of the diarrhea. Despite the cat diarrhea with blood, certain over the counter diarrhea medication may still be an option if your veterinarian approves of it.

There are a number of things you can do to help your cat when dealing with diarrhea. It helps if you do not subject your cat to a sudden food change, without allowing for some time to adjust. You can help your cat slowly transition to the new brand by slowly introducing more and more amounts in your cat’s meals over the course of a week. Also remember that kitten’s do not have the benefit of a properly developed feline immune system so it is important to treat any kind of diarrhea, whether blood is present in the stool or not, as soon as possible. Your vet will be able to examine the cat and check for underlying diarrhea causes. Treatment would accordingly be adjusted to your cat’s breed and cause of diarrhea. You might be required to keep the cat on a water diet and refrain from regular food for a bit.

  Submitted on May 7, 2010  

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