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Cat hypoglycemia

Hypoglycemia in Feline:

Hypoglycemia in cats is a condition where the level of sugar in the blood drops.

This is very likely to occur in cats that suffer from feline diabetes; and since diabetic cats are injected with insulin to regulate the amount of sugar in its blood, the amount of insulin is proportional to how low the blood sugar will be. It can be caused by numerous reasons; if too much insulin is given by mistake in which case a double dose is given by two different members of the family or even if a cat is more active than it usually is. Sometimes, hypoglycemia in cats causes death if not treated well enough; hence a quick treatment is very necessary.

Hypoglycemia in cats’ symptoms includes tiredness or exhaustion in mild cases; disoriented or uncoordinated in moderate cases and in severe cases the cat may suffer a seizure or even become unconscious. If any of the symptoms are noticed, it is recommended that you check up with your veterinary immediately. At home, hypoglycemia in cats treatments would include the need to raise the sugar level of the cat immediately by offering food to the cat.

If it refuses to eat, rub sugar syrup or honey over its gums and then encourage it to eat again. It is recommended that the food should not be forced down its throat, if it refuses to eat even after the application of the sugar syrup, take the cat to the vet and consult with him. The vet may recommend missing the next insulin dosage to let the cat’s blood sugar level return to normal.

To reduce chances of hypoglycemia in cats, feed the cat regularly. Monitor how much they eat, take a note if their appetite has decreased and consult with a vet. Ask the vet for food recommendations or a diet for the cat to follow. Ask the vet if glucose packets are required and if they provide the same. Keep a good amount of sugar syrup or honey within accessible reach, in case of emergencies. Always remember, syrup has a temporary effect so make sure the right amount of sugar is served with the food given to the cat. Make a chart and follow it to track the insulin injection. To prevent double doses of insulin ask family members to check the chart. Always be alert to look for signs of hypoglycemia. If it occurs again, consult the veterinarian without any delay.

  Submitted on March 5, 2010  

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