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Cat tumor

Cat Tumor

It is advisable to care for cancer before the condition of your pet becomes worse.

You can keep a check on your cat for the following symptoms of cat tumors:

  • Swollen lymph nodes: This is a sure sign of illness and it means that the immune system of your pet cat is working overtime to ward off disease. This might also be a sign of some other illness or of cancer.

    These lymph nodes are situated around the cat’s throat and below his legs. If these are inflamed, then you’ll feel it while stroking the cat.
  • Lump: If you find a lump below the cat’s skin, then do take it to the vet for a check up.

    Lumps can be cancerous tumors, especially if the lump is growing.
  • Distended stomach: If your cat has a swollen or distended stomach, then it means that it may have liver tumor or maybe, a gastrointestinal tumor. A swollen tummy could also be a symptom of other diseases and it is important to take your cat to the vet.
  • Continuous weight loss: If your cat is losing weight, then it could be the sign of other diseases such as Feline Immunodeficiency Virus, cat leukemia, or Feline Infectious Peritonitis. This could also be the symptom of a parasitic infection.
  • Chronic diarrhea and vomiting: This could be a sign of a gastrointestinal disorder or cat liver tumor.
  • Ulcers: This means that your cat has a weak immune system.
  • Chronic cough: This could be the sign of cat lung cancer. Chronic cough can also be a symptom of Bordatella infection, bronchitis, asthma or cardiomyopathy.
  • Change in gait: If the cat is walking in a different manner and you feel there has been a change in gait, and also this is accompanied with stiffness or lameness, then it could mean that the cat has feline bone cancer.

Some of the other signs of cat tumors include difficulty in swallowing, defecating, urinating, and breathing. If there is foul odor that comes from the cat’s mouth and you spot open sores on its body, then this might be a sign of cancer. But do remember that if its plain bad breath, then it does not mean that the cat has cancer, but has some stomach problem or hygiene problem.

Do visit a vet if you see any of the symptoms. Tumors can be cancerous or non-cancerous, and a vet will be able to diagnose and treat the problem effectively.

  Submitted on May 11, 2010  

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