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Cat alopecia

Cat Alopecia

One of the most distinctive features of any animal is the beauty of their coat.

Much like with humans, the aesthetic appeal of animals will go a long way into deciding how highly they are appreciated in society. Alopecia is essentially the loss of hair and while the condition is commonly accepted in humans, the same in a cat can be a cause of substantial concern for the owner. Psychogenic alopecia in cats is the result of a compulsive hair pulling disorder.

The fact that cats have a tendency to groom themselves for long periods over the course of the day outs a significant amount of strain on the roots of the fur. What a number of people seem to be unaware of is the fact that cats will also groom themselves in periods of stress, indecision and anxiety – during which they will also tend to groom themselves more vigorously. Many experts will categorize psychogenic cat alopecia areata as an obsessive compulsive disorder.

Alopecia areata in cats is a condition where the hair loss appears in small round patches. This is mainly the result of the animals own immunity cells attacking the hair growing tissue and will usually develop in a period of three stages. In the first stage you will notice the hair loss. During the second you will see the patches become larger and in the third phase is characterized by the growth of new hair. Although the entire cycle may take a significant period of time, the condition is almost always temporary. The reasons for the immunity cells to attack the hair growing tissue is still largely unknown, leaving us with no real cure for the human or feline version of the condition at this time.

Since psychogenic alopecia in cats is a condition that is significantly triggered by the state of the animals mind, it becomes almost essential to keep them actively entertained. Introducing your pet to another cat could be potentially stressful for the animal if it is not in the right frame of mind. As a result, try to accomplish this under more pleasant circumstances. Give your cat a significant amount of attention as this helps relieve any anxiety your pet may be going through. Buy a toy or second pet to provide your animal with company – thereby also reducing the likelihood of your pet suffering from any separation anxiety.

  Submitted on May 13, 2010  

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