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Cat mange symptoms

Cat Mange Signs:

Mange is a skin problem typically attributed to dogs although cats can get mange too.

In addition to this, one has to understand that cats can get different types of mange. As a result when it comes to mange in cats, symptoms could be a little varied. This is because this problem can target different areas of your pet cat’s body.

Some symptoms of mange in cats are ear mites. Now you can usually tell if the cat has ear mites if symptoms such as oozing and inflammation of your pet’s ear canal are present. Watch out for signs in your cat that irritation is present in this area.

Symptoms of cat mange would thus depend on which part of the body of your pet cat is affected which in turn would depend upon the type of mange that is afflicting your cat. Some other symptoms of mange in cats would be raw skin which is accompanied by scabs as well as sores, as is typical of chiggers. If your cat present symptoms such as red, inflamed skin which shows irritation and if your cat has loss of hair, there is a possibility of demodectic mange. Now this form of mange is a more serious one and it is not really seen in cats that often.  One type of mange caused by the mite termed as Notoedres cati would be Notoedric mange. This extremely contagious skin problem in cats also goes by the name feline scabies. Now this is very similar to a variety of mange seen in dogs. This can be an extremely itchy problem for your pet cat. This again is a rather rare form of mange that can affect cats. In this case it is generally the sleeping patterns of your cat and his or her grooming behavior that is usually at fault.

If you find any of the above-mentioned signs of cat mange, it would be advisable to seek out treatment for your cat as soon as possible. This is because mange treatment would depend on the individual cat concerned. For instance, if your cat naturally has longer hair or even medium length hair at times, your veterinarian may get it all kept trim. Your vet will go over the various solutions, topical applications and mange injections that could be used to treat the cat. Treatment might involve getting rid of the mites and taking care of the dog’s environment, such as treating his or her bedding. 

  Submitted on May 7, 2010  

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