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Rabbit Training

Rabbit Training:

Rabbits make wonderful and cuddly pets.

People, who like rabbits, feel that there is no better pet than a rabbit, but what is even better, is to live with a rabbit that is trained. Rabbits are intelligent animals that can be trained to perform certain tasks. House training rabbits usually involves teaching them how to use the litter box. Potty training rabbit is not a very difficult task.

However, many owners fail to train their rabbits properly when they are young as a result of which, they may grow up to be untrained and messy.

How to Train Rabbit:

To train your rabbit, it is important to motivate it. Pets like dogs are eager to please and therefore easy to train but litter training rabbits is completely based on incentives because they are not really eager to please anyone. Negative reinforcement doesn’t bother them.

If you punish them, they will not understand what you want of them and they may become uncooperative. However, positive reinforcement works well with rabbits. They will be more eager to receive their incentives than they will be to please you.When approached correctly, rabbits can be trained in a single day. However, to make the training convert into persistent habit, it should be reinforced over a period of time. If you know your rabbit’s favorite treats, you can use those as positive reinforcements.You will also have to set the situation correctly for each of the training that you need to impart. If you want the rabbit to come to your lap, you should position yourself and the rabbit in the appropriate manner. As soon as your rabbit performs your request, give it a treat. Every time you give your rabbit a command, it should be the same words.

The treats should be provided every time the rabbit performs the action correctly. However, when the rabbit is not able to perform a particular function, treats should not be given. When you continue to reinforce the training for some time, the rabbit will be conditioned to repeat the desired behavior without the reinforcement. It is important to wean your rabbit off these treats slowly. Once your rabbit has learnt the behavior, you may give the reward once. However, if the behavior is repeated in some time, do not offer the treat again. Eventually, the rabbit will learn to perform the desired behavior without looking forward to the treats.

When the training is complete, you can reward your pet with some kind of toys.

  Submitted on July 13, 2010  

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