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Bloodhound Dog - Information on Health, Care, Training and History of Bloodhounds

The bloodhound is a dog that has been popularized by modern media in the form of Pluto, Mickey Mouse's pet dog for years, as well by popular art, and also by the news media for its ability as an excellent tracker.

Bloodhounds are famed for their ability to track down a scent that is sometimes a week old. The dog is blessed with a specialized olfactory system that can even identify a scent at the cellular level. This ability has made it very popular to track down escaped convicts.

The bloodhound is also extremely popular in tracking people who are lost and also animals that are lost.

Bloodhound puppies and the dog itself have one of the sweetest dispositions of the dog world being very friendly and affable to nearly everyone they come in contact with. Bloodhound training largely depends on what the dog is being raised for. Ideally, this training should be done during the early years as the psychology of the dog changes quite a bit after it is mature individual with a sometimes selfish disposition but loving nevertheless.

Bloodhound history goes back almost a thousand years with the dog first being bred by monks in Belgium. The dog is unfortunately one of the shortest lived among most dog breeds with the longest recorded lifespan being just 12 years. Checking for bloodhound health problems is, therefore, of prime importance. One of the most common causes of death is the bloat, which is a gastrointestinal affliction that usually takes the dog's life. While most bloodhounds are largely solitary animals, they are usually used as packs in Europe for foxhunts but the American bloodhound is used in a solitary formation always. It is one of the quietest dogs during its tracking mode, unlike most other dogs that tend to get excited when on the trail.

Bloodhound information of noteworthiness is the fact that this breed is also one of the most given up for adoption. The reason probably lies in its disposition after at certain age where it develops a very individualistic point of perspective and is quite a drooling machine. Having a good patch of outdoors and being in a rural setting therefore is one of the most amenable to this dog. You can find more bloodhound info on the internet that is specific to your needs. Really important among these are the health snippets that you need to pay special attention to.

  Submitted on May 16, 2012  

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