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Non shedding dog breed

Non-Shedding Dog Breed

All dogs have to be groomed from time to time.

However there are some breeds of dogs that require more regular and intense grooming on account of the thickness of their coats or amount of shedding. On the other hand there are the non shedding dog breeds that require minimal grooming as they have coats that can be maintained easily. A dog’s coat is typically made up of two kinds of hair, an outer coat of coarse hair and an inner coat of shorter and relatively softer hair.

There are some breeds that shed their coats almost twice a year. Breeds like the Dalmatian shed their coats throughout the year in moderate amounts whereas breeds like poodles never shed their coats.

The most common small non shedding dog breeds found across the world are the Bichon Frise, miniature poodles, bedlington terrier, basenji, Cairn terrier, and maltese among others.

One of the most favored small non shedding dog breeds is the Miniature Schnauzer on account of their minimal shedding as well as their being extremely intelligent and easy to train. Dogs that don’t shed make ideal pets for those prone to allergies thereby allowing them to enjoy the joys of canine companionship. Such non shedding breeds of dogs are also known as “Hypoallergenic Dogs”. This basically means that such dog breeds produce fewer or negligible amounts of allergens in the form of dander and dead skin which basically trigger allergies. Dog allergens are usually light and small originating from the dog’s saliva, urine and skin and are able to easily move around the house. Typical allergic reactions in humans may range from watery eyes to sneezing continuously when you’re near the dog. Additionally there are also certain hairless breeds of dogs that also fall in the category of hypoallergenic dogs, such as the Chinese Crested, American Hairless Terrier etc. Most prospective pet owners are advised to look for dogs that have a single coat rather than the typical double coat while looking to adopt dogs that don’t shed. Though there are many breeds of dogs that are termed as non-shedding, one must keep in mind that these dogs will also shed their coats though in cycles and in lesser amounts.

Dogs also shed their coats if they have skin allergies and infections by fleas. Hence proper flea control measures have to be undertaken to avoid major shedding in non shedding dogs. The coats of most non shedding breeds of dogs are coarse, wiry or extremely curly.

  Submitted on May 4, 2010  

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