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Leonberger dog breed, puppies, characteristic, training and grooming.

The Leonberger dog is a very large breed which is named after a city in southwest Germany called Leonberg.

A large and strong dog, the Leonberger is both elegant and substantial. It has a square built, and has a coat in golden, reddish tan, and brown colors. Its eyes are dark and kind, and the muzzle is dark; these are the characteristic features of the dog.

Legend has it that the Leonberger was bred to mimic a lion that lived in the town crest and looking at its appearance, the legend may even sound true.

However, the dog is characteristically friendly and cool at all times, unlike a lion.

The dog does not drool because of its close fitting flews. It carries a long tail which is fully feathered. The females are less square and more shapely and their coat is also less profuse than males.

The males however, have a lion like mane and are visibly masculine. The dog, though friendly, is used as a guard dog and is very alert to perceived threats. Using its often overwhelming size to its advantage, the Leongerger can be very useful. The dogs are quite sensitive and are extremely loyal and attached to their human families. If they are living in the wilderness in a pack, they are fiercely protective of their own.

The Leonberger breed has been obtained from a stock of Newfoundland, Saint Bernard, and Great Pyrenees dogs. It is because of its ancestry that the dog is able to effortlessly excel in water and cart work. Though the dog is large, it is capable of performing athletic feats which may be challenging for its size.

A Leonberger is often known as a gentle giant. However, the truth is that even though as an adult, the dog may be gentle, when young the Leonberger puppies may be very willful and disobedient.

The coat of the Leonberger is medium in length and very soft. The double coat is also water resistant. The fur on the neck and the chest is usually very thick and mane-like in appearance. The feathering on the back, legs and thighs is quite distinct. The coat color is yellow, reddish brown and red. For grooming the dog, a regular combing once a day is sufficient.

The Leonberger is a family dog and its desire to be with its family takes precedence over everything else. Though it is a large dog and requires large spaces to be comfortable, it can be trained into living in smaller quarters. Obedience training is important for the breed as they may tend to become willful if not trained regularly.

  Submitted on October 13, 2009  

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