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Bea-Tzu - Information on the Dog Breed, Puppies, Size and Breeders For Bea-Tzu Dogs

The bea-tzu breed of dogs is a hybrid breed of dogs that are not bred purely.

Bea-tzu dogs are bred as a result of the combination of breeding beagles with shih-tzu dogs. The bea-tzu breed is therefore a cross breed which makes it fairly unique. It is interesting to note that some bea-tzu dogs look very much like shih-tzu dogs while some examples of bea-tzu dogs tend to look much more like beagles.

The examples that look like beagles tend to have short soft furry coats whereas the ones that look like shih-tzu dogs tend to have a long haired coat which is similar to that of pure bred shih-tzu dogs.

Bea-Tzu Puppies, Size and Breeders

Bea-tzu puppies tend to be extremely small and the dog does not grow to a very large size normally. This trait makes the dog extremely popular as a domestic pet. Many pet owners prefer small dogs; particularly in urban areas as these dogs are easy to train, control and even clean.

The confines of an urban environment will not suit the dogs that tend to be larger in size. The mix of the beagle and the shih-tzu produces a dog that is smaller than a beagle but larger than a shih-tzu.

The bea-tzu dog breed is not a common breed that would be found everywhere. Normally speaking, these cross breeds tend to be considered to be somewhat ‘boutique’ dogs which make them more sought after. Another term for the same type of dog is ‘designer’ dog. These dogs may also be bred on request as the owners are particularly interested in having a specific type of dog.  Owners will be fortunate to find other bea-tzu dogs with which they can breed their dogs. The preference amongst bea-tzu breeders is to breed a 50% beagle and shih-tzu cross with another 50% beagle and shih-tzu cross. This will ensure that the resulting puppies also carry 50% of the genetic material from each breed. Cross breeding in any other way will lead to the development of confusing examples of the bea-tzu dogs.

The bea-tzu, being as small as it is, is not a good guard dog. The bark tends to be fairly timid which makes it suited to being in an urban environment but not in a rural or semi urban one. In such a situation, other larger dogs will be needed for guard duty.
  Submitted on October 24, 2011  

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