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English springer spaniel

English Springer Spaniel Breed of Dog:

Like most other dogs of the spaniel breed, the English springer spaniel dog was highly regarded during the ages when hunting was commonplace for their ability to flush out and retrieve game foul.

However, this breed is probably one of the most distinctly differentiated set of animals between breeding a show dog and breeding a house or felid dog. The animals itself is rather compact and has long pendant shaped ears. The head appears to be very elegant and is not usually out of proportion with the rest of the body.

English springer spaniel dog’s that are bred for the field will tend to have much shorter as well as coarser coats that when compared to their show groomed counterparts. Their coats will almost always be covered in flecks and come in a variety of colors including blue of even liver roan. The English springer spaniel training was specifically focused on scaring the foul into the air – allowing the hunter to gain sight of them and shot them while they were airborne.

This technique was known as flushing. While they were generally used to hunt upland game, the English springer spaniels dog was equally adept at hunting water foul and smaller game.

Like most other spaniels, The English springer spaniel dogs are rather friendly and get on well with children. They are especially intelligent and skillful while always being willing and obedient. All these features make English springer spaniel training a very straightforward affair. However, it is essential that the dogs are mastered by somebody with a strong presence as, if handled by a meak owner, they may tend to develop some kind of alpha dog syndrome. Exercise is essential for these dogs and any restrictions to this could possibly cause the dog to become very destructive and cause them to bark excessively when left alone. While the dogs can easily adapt to the confines of a small apartment, they will require a significant amount of exercise daily without fail.

Some of the more common medical ailments that the English springer spaniel suffers from include hip dysplasia as well as the increased likelihood of bloating if consistently over fed. The food that you feed the animal should be high in poultry fat content. The best kinds of meals are ones that are prepared at home by blending some corn, wheat and lamb with chicken.

  Submitted on December 29, 2009  

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