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Brittany dog

Brittany dog, breed, characteristic, training, health and food

In ages past, the brittany dog breed was primarily bred to be hunting dogs.

Over the years, however, owing much to their tremendous adaptability, the dog has gradually adjusted to being more of a house dog and pet. While most people still classify the canine as a spaniel, its characteristics make it more suitable to being considered a pointer or setter. The canine is a very athletic and solidly built animal without being overly heavy.

Some of the dogs are born with short tails while others are born with longer tails. The dogs come in a variety of colors including an orange and white coat - which is probably its most common type. Specialists and breeders will differentiate between American brittanies and French brittanies depending largely on some subtle differences in their appearance.

The French Brittany dogs look very similar to spaniels and would traditionally work more closely to the guns during a hunt. One of the main advantages of the breed during the older centuries was that they were rather easy to train - making them very advantageous for hunting. However, it is not uncommon for people to have an opinion that some times these dogs may be uncontrollable as well as disobedient. This is largely because of the fact that they require a tremendous amount of exercise. Keeping them locked up in an apartment or small space for large parts of the day will tend to frustrate them quite a bit - leading to the abnormal behavior. They also require a considerable amount of affection or they may tend to become rather destructive and develop neurotic behavioral patterns. If they are kept away from society for some time, they may also tend to become rather shy, something which is definitely not in their natural makeup. The breed generally consists of very healthy dogs however, they are prone to ear infections mainly because of their floppy ears that tend to trap moisture in the ear canal. You may want to clean your pet's ears on a regular basis to avoid this from happening.
When feeding your pet, make sure to give it a nutritious meal with considerable content of protein, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. Any commercial dog food that is given should be of a well known brand with one of its primary contents being meat. Brush the animals coat consistently with the help of a pin brush to retain the shine of the fur. A natural bristle brush is also a good option.
  Submitted on June 1, 2010  

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