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Black Norwegian Elkhound

Black Norwegian Elkhound

The Black Norwegian Elkhound is a Spitz type of dog.

It is a medium size and sturdy dog. The Black Norwegian Elkhound is also known as Norsk Elghund Black, Norsk Elghund Sort, Black Norwegian Moose Dog, as also the Black Elkhound. This kind of dog originated in Scandinavia. The Black Norwegian Elkhound breed is a strong and powerful dog and it has a strong personality.

It is a highly intelligent dog and very determined and strong minded. This type of dog is both friendly and fearless. It is an excellent guard dog and is reserved with strangers. It is however, very affectionate with friends and family and always greets them with enthusiasm.

Read on to find out more about this breed of dog, if you are interested in purchasing a Black Norwegian Elkhound puppy.

Information on Black Norwegian Elkhound Dog Breed, Breeders, Puppies and Life Expectancy

Black Norwegian Elkhound puppies are reliable, energetic and good companions for children. These puppies need to be disciplined firmly as they may be somewhat resistance to obedience training. Keep in mind that a Black Norwegian Elkhound has a tendency to bark endlessly and must be trained to remain quiet after they have alerted you. When fully grown, the male Black Norwegian Elkhound is about 19-21 inches in height and weighs about 50-60 pounds. The female Black Norwegian Elkhound weighs about 40-55 pounds and grows to about 18-20 inches. This type of dog is short and is shaped in a square format. The head is wedged shaped and broad in the area of the ear. The dog has medium eyes which are dark brown and oval in shape. The chest is quite wide and goes is set deep. This dog’s coat is complete black with a bit of white right at the chest. The life expectancy of this dog is about 12-15 years.

Keep in mind that this type of dog requires constant stimulation. This dog breed is not the kind for indoor living and loves to be in the outdoors. The dog should be taken for long walks and should be given lots of space to run, play and generally roam about.

There are both pros and cons with owning this type of dog. This dog is easy to train, entertaining to watch at play and is also obedient by nature. However, the cons are that this dog requires a large amount of exercise daily and is not suited to living in an apartment at all.

You can also check with Black Norwegian Elkhound breeders if you have any other questions regarding keeping this dog. You would also find the Black Norwegian elkhound puppies for sale at these places.
  Submitted on September 13, 2011  

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