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Bull Arab

Bull Arab - Information on the Dog Breed, Breeders, Puppies, Nature and Temperament of Bull Arab Dog

The Bull Arab is an Australian breed of dogs that was primarily bred for wild boar hunting purposes.

These dogs are a cross between different dog breeds, which include the Bull Terrier, Greyhound and Shorthaired Pointer or the English Pointer. There are a few bloodlines that also have mastiff type breeds. These dogs have been around for several years but have not been recognized as purebreds as yet.

Nature and Temperament of Bull Arab Dog

On average, the Bull Arab stands at a height of around 25 to 27 inches though the female dogs of this breed are a bit shorter.

Physically, the Bull Arab dog breed is well built and symmetrical all over. Their head and muzzle are powerful, strong and moderate in length, which is in proportion, as compared to the rest of their face. They have bright eyes, the color of which may vary, depending upon the shade of their coat. Their full-drop ears are moderately sized.

They have a strong neck, which is moderate in length. The chest of the Bull Arab is neither too shallow, nor too big. They have muscular hindquarter that appear straight if viewed from behind and well-angled, if viewed from the sides. They have oval, close-knit feet, with arched toes. The length of their tail depends upon the size of their body; the tail is thick at the base and tapers off to a point. Most Bull Arab dogs are predominantly white, with colored patches. Bull Arabs have a short and harsh coat, which is easy to groom. Their coat can be combed or brushed with a firm bristle brush. Fortunately, these dogs do not shed a lot.

Temperament-wise, Bull Arab dogs are kind, independent and fairly active. They are quite even tempered and perhaps even a bit laid back, when left in a yard. They can live in an apartment quite comfortably, if they are exercised outdoors on a daily basis. They do need a lot of exercise to utilize their abundant stamina positively, which is why they should be taken for a long walk every day, if they are not working. However, they need to be supervised at all times as they are capable of attacking and even killing a large number of sheep or other medium-sized animals. Therefore, to avoid any such problems, it is absolutely essential for pet owners to ensure that the training for Bull Arab puppies begins at an early age.

Bull Arab Breeders

Pet owners can easily find Bull Arab puppies for sale through adverts and website listings. However, it is advisable to get a pup directly from professional and well-reputed Bull Arab breeders. There is a lot of information on Bull Arab dogs easily available through various resources. However, it is best for pet owners to get accurate Bull Arab info from a breeder or preferably a vet, to avoid any problems.


  Submitted on December 7, 2011  

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