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Cojack - Information about the Dog Breed, Puppies, Breeders, Appearance and Lifespan of Cojack Dogs

A cojack or a cojack dog is yet another example of a mixed breed.

This breed is a mix between a Jack Russell Terrier and a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. It is a popular American hybrid that has been around for a while now. Like in cases of most hybrids, now these dogs are bred with other cojack dogs in a bid to make these dogs a pure bred.

If you want real cojack puppies, get all the information on the parents as well.

Cojack Dog Breed, Breeders and Lifespan

These dogs are happy dogs, great with kids and very eager to please. Dog obedience training is a breeze especially because of the herding genes from the corgi and because they can learn tricks, they are fun to have around.

These dogs are agile and fast and need regular exercise. The requirement for exercise is quite high as they have traits from both parent dogs. It helps if you like in a house with a yard else an apartment will also do but regular exercise every day is a must. This dog breed keeps strangers at bay but can still be independent and not always demand attention. In a few years these dogs tend to become lazy so you need to keep a watch for that.

The herding traits of the corgi make an appearance in this hybrid as well as the stubborn traits from the Jack Russell Terrier. Both these dogs have hereditary diseases which the cojack runs the risk of contracting. It is important to know the history of the parents when you go looking for a puppy. You can also access your local breeders’ network and look at the cojack dogs being bred there. These dogs are alert and make good watchdogs.

The cojack tends to be taller than the Corgi but as tall as or a little shorter than the Jack Russell Terrier. The lifespan of this dog depends on the genetics of its parents so it is important to ask for all information when you get your dog. Vets will also help you in identifying which are the probable hereditary diseases that you might encounter with your dog.  The terrier is also a hunting dog so your cojack could be trained as it has a potential of chasing critters in the garden. These dogs are generally white, with a short-haired coat and could sport brown or black patterns.
  Submitted on October 13, 2011  

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