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Kangaroo Dog

Kangaroo Dog - Information on the Dog Breed, Breeders, Nature, Characteristics, Dog Food and Treats

The kangaroo Dog is a sight-hound, which is considered only a type of dog rather than a pure breed.

The kangaroo dog is bred specifically for hunting purposes, other than which, interest has not been shown in the dog. The breeders who breed the dog have also never thought of getting the dog inducted into the American Kennel Club. The working ability is the primary characteristic of these dogs.

Kangaroo Dog Breeders, Nature and Characteristics

The kangaroo dog breed is largely used in the hunting of kangaroo, wallabies, and emu. Historically, they have been used to guard sheep from dingos and other predators. A kangaroo dog breeder breeds together the best of the dogs to get in the best possible hunting traits.

To make them able enough for a great hunt, characteristic traits were blended in from greyhounds, deerhounds, and other tough hunting dogs.

These characteristics give the kangaroo dog great speed, excellent eyesight, and stamina, and a thick coat with very tough feet that allow it to be a good hunter. There are also other easily discernible characteristics of working dogs such as the Whippet, Irish wolfhound, and the Borzoi in this dog.

The kangaroo dogs are available in both smooth and rough coated varieties and have a great stamina for running and performing many other kinds of exercises. These dogs have become quite rare because they have been replaced by many other hunting dog breeds. However, they can still be seen in some of the rural communities of Australia. They are used there for the hunting of foxes and rabbits. They are also used to create hog dogs, which are yet another hardy and speedy breed of dogs that are used in hunting. The hog dogs are created by cross breeding molossers and bulldogs with the kangaroo dogs.

Ever since the hunting of kangaroos became illegal, hardy and fearless dogs like the kangaroo dogs have become unpopular. Since the dog type has not even been incorporated as a breed, it has lost favor with breeders and dog owners, therefore becoming almost extinct. The fact that the ability of the hounds to smell and hunt differs from one bloodline to another, is also one of the reasons that the dog is no longer popular.

Kangaroo Dog Food and Treats

Kangaroo dog food and kangaroo dog treats are like those for any other dogs. However, kangaroo dog leads may be different from those of the other dogs. Kangaroo dog leashes are also created differently.
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