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German shorthaired pointer

GSP Information:

German Shorthaired Pointer dog (GSP) is a German breed of dogs that was used in the 1800s for hunting.

The dog is considered an all-purpose and gun dog because of its agility, keen sense of smell, and a strong hind that gives it the qualities of rapid movements and turning around quickly. GSP has an aristocratic and elegant appearance because of its long graceful neck. And, in spite of all its power and agility, it is an even tempered, cheerful, noble, coordinated, and protective dog.

German Shorthaired Pointer dog is constantly willing to please its family, it is loyal, friendly, loves all the family members equally, and gets along well with children. Be sure that the dog will please you more if it sees you carrying a leash, a ball, or car keys as it would mean some outdoor activity. Being an energetic dog, German Shorthaired Pointer is the happiest in an active family.

German Shorthaired Pointer puppies are amongst the most adorable and cheerful pups and need to be raised along with other dogs if one wants them to grow up to be fine dogs. Though all GSP puppies are highly energetic, some of them vary in energy levels and they need varied degrees of exercises according to the purposes. They’d need more open field exercise if being raised for field competition. GSP caring and grooming isn’t very difficult as these dogs need only occasional brushing of coat and need to be bathed only when required. However, because they have floppy ears, the GSP are prone to ear infection and need to be checked every now and then. Another important thing to keep in mind is give the dog plenty of water since it’s an energetic dog that loves physical activity. And, its appetite is also good though it should not be overfed.

German Shorthaired Pointer training needs patience and calm authority though they are keen learners and follow learning commands very easily. The trainer and owner would need to be consistent with rules. GSP likes its life to be organized, in order and structured. And, it’s very important to give them adequate exercise about twice a day. If they are left without exercise and leadership of their masters, they become agitated and destructive. Male dogs of this breed are more aggressive and dominant as compared to female dogs. Because it’s smart, companionable, and intelligent enough to solve problem by itself, GSP is among the most preferred large breed dogs. 

  Submitted on November 24, 2009  

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