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Brussels griffon

Brussels griffon dog, health care, grooming, training and temperament

The Brussels Griffon is a popular toy dog in many western countries.

It is a sturdy dog which has a very short jaw and large, lustrous eyes. Brussels Griffon puppies, due to their appearance, are often mistaken to be Boxers. However, as the puppies grow, their appearance begins to naturally change.

Since the dog originated in Brussels, Belgium, it is known by this name.

These dogs are often considered a part of the Sheep dog family because of their looks. The Brussels Griffon dog also has a very famous pout which almost makes it look like a small child.

The Brussels Griffon breed is of two kinds. There is one on which the coat is rough and another on which the coat is soft and smooth.

The grooming of a Brussels Griffon dog depends upon the kind of coat the animal possesses. The Petit Brabancon or the soft haired variety needs much less grooming than the hard and wiry haired one. Another interesting thing about the Brussels Griffon is that they are available in many different colors. Red, brown, black and tan are some of the colors in which this dog is available. A lot of breeders crop the ears of the dog, even though many others do not. The tail is often docked.

The temperament of a Brussels Griffon is friendly. It is a very intelligent dog with a cheerful disposition and therefore makes a fine companion. Not only is a Brussels griffon affectionate, it is also very charming and lively. Unlike some of the larger and more popular dog breeds, this dog loves everyone in the family and is a family dog instead of being a master’s dog. The dog, due to its temperament, is suited for large families and not kennels. In fact, so friendly is its disposition that it enjoys being around other animals.

Its pout and the facial expression grant this dog a strange personality. The Brussels Griffon personality is not unlike a spoilt little child. Sometimes, because of their cute monkey face, the dogs are treated as small kids, because of which they may suffer from temperament small dog syndrome. They may become obsessive and demanding.  

Training your Brussels Griffon can be an interesting experience. Since they are very intelligent dogs, they can be taught to perform various entertaining tricks. They can be trained to become watch dogs though their size makes them less intimidating. However, if they are not given enough mental and physical exercise, they may become moody and sensitive.

  Submitted on June 1, 2010  

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