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Boston Spaniel

Boston Spaniel - Information on the Dog Breed, Appearance, Temperament and Grooming

The Boston Spaniel, as the name would suggest, is a cross bred dog which is produced by breeding the Boston Terrier with the Cocker Spaniel.

This type of designer dog is often bred from two pure bred parents. However, over time, the occurrence of multi-generation cross bred examples of the dog has become more common. It is easier to get Boston Spaniel info when one has a dog with pure bred ancestry.

This allows the owner to figure out if there are any typical family health problems with the dog, something that helps with the process of selecting suitable parents for the dog.

Boston Spaniel Dog Appearance, Temperament and Grooming

Many people find that the Boston Spaniel looks like a small sized example of the Labrador breed. This appearance is purely coincidental as there is no direct link in the dog’s lineage to the Labrador breed of dogs.

However, like a Labrador, the Boston Spaniel tends to have a relatively short and shiny coat. The Boston Spaniel temperament is well suited to a house with children in it. The dog tends to be affectionate and playful and will display high levels of energy. This may be particularly useful when having children around as it is a great way to entertain the child.

The Boston Spaniel dog breed tends to shed moderately and will not be much of a problem in a domestic environment. The coat itself is short which means that even the hair that has been shed is short and easily cleaned. This is much more convenient than with long haired dog whose hair tends to collect all over the house. The amount of grooming required for the Boston Spaniel is fairly minimal which makes it easy to handle in an urban environment where the owner may not have too much time to spend on dog grooming.

Most Boston Spaniel dogs are comfort seekers and will be prone to jumping on beds and sofas so that they can sleep comfortably. Owners must keep this in mind and provide the dog with adequately soft bedding material. The high energy levels of the Boston Spaniel mean that it is necessary to take the dog for a daily walk, perhaps for two daily walks. Without this, one will find the dog being irritable and over excited as it will have too much unused energy in its system. This designer breed is often purchased on order.
  Submitted on October 11, 2011  

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