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Poodle dog

All about poodle dog breed and training and grooming toy poodle dog

The poodle dog breed remains one of the most elegant and royal dog breeds in today's world.

The canines of this breed come in three sizes ranging from miniature, toy to regular. The poodle dog breed's history dates back as far as the 15th century where its ancestors closely resembled the canine as we know it today. Most of the historical research can be attributed to the fact that the animal is frequently seen in portraits and sculptures dating back to this time period.

While the poodle is more commonly known for its unique appearance, it used to perform a number of hardy tasks down the ages including working along side a hunter as well as being a duck retriever. While the coat is more highly appreciated for its artistry, it also serves a very functional purpose as it helps protect the animal from water as well as debris. It also serves the functions of adding some insulation to retain warmth all over the dog's body.

The origins of the animal lie in Germany. Poodles require a significant amount of grooming. Their skulls are in the shape of a rounded dome while their ears are rather large and hang down from the sides of the head. The animals come in a variety of colors but are generally solid colors without any significant markings.

Poodles tend to be very proud and dignified animals and are extremely intelligent. Their high intelligence is what used to make them a firm favorite while hunting bear in years gone by, but if you were to tell anyone that has seen a poodle for the first time; they are unlikely to believe it. Studies have shown that the standard sized poodles are a little calmer than the smaller, more excitable dogs. While they are happy and pleasant dogs, they tend to become very high strung if they have not been allowed sufficient exercise.  

Poodle dog grooming is probably the most significant aspect of this breed. They are rather high maintenance dogs and a daily brush down of its coat will help significantly. The undercoat is also known to shed excessively, making combing and brushing a regular task. There are a variety of hair styles that you can get your poodle to sport – making them regularly perform the dual role of also being a fashion accessory. Thanks to their higher levels of intelligence, if handled by an experienced individual, poodle dog training is a relatively easy task to undertake. Their natural hunting instincts also allow them to make good watch dogs.

  Submitted on May 7, 2010  

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