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Yorkshire terrier dogs

Yorkshire terrier puppy and dogs, characteristics, training and grooming

Yorkshire terriers are a small breed of dogs that belong to the terrier family.

Since this breed was developed in Yorkshire in England, it is thus named. The dog is very small in size and has a long and silky coat which is mostly colored tan and blue. The breed finds its place in the toy dogs category and is often called Yorkie, as a short form for its name. The Yorkshire terrier is a popular dog in show circles and is also a cherished companion.

In fact, this breed has also been liberally used in order to develop many other breeds like the Australian Silky Terrier.

The characteristic feature of the Yorkshire terrier is its long and silky coat that hangs straight from its body. This long coat is parted in the middle and runs along from the middle of the dog's head, body, and tail. On its back, the coat is dark tan in color.

The chest, head and legs too are dark in color. There was a time when the tail of the Yorkshire terrier was docked but the practice has long since been discontinued.

Since the dog was bred exclusively to be a pet and not a working dog, there are strict guidelines on its appearance, color of the coat, bearing, measurements and other physical aspects. Most importantly, a Yorkshire terrier in the show circle should have an air of confidence.

A lot of emphasis is laid on the coat of adult Yorkshire terriers. The quality, color, and texture of its coat are extremely important. For a Yorkshire terrier to be considered a show dog, the hair must be straight, silky and glossy. The texture of the coat should be very fine and the coat, though long, should not impede movement.

The coat should be steel blue or dark grey in color from the head to the tail, with the tail's fur a shade darker.

A Yorkshire terrier puppy is born black and it may take many months and sometimes even years for the puppies to get their adult coats. The puppy may have a star mark on the chest or toes but over the years, these marks disappear. If there is a white star on the puppies' chest, it is usually considered an indication that the puppy will grow up to have an abundant coat.

Since their coats are considered very important, grooming a Yorkshire terrier is a tedious and regular task for owners. Their coats are hypoallergenic and therefore there is no danger of getting allergic to it. The coat has to be often trimmed so that movement of the dog is not restricted. A trimmed coat also appears neat. The coat needs a lot of maintenance and therefore the dog could turn out to be an expensive proposition.

  Submitted on October 14, 2009  

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