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Kai ken dog

Kai ken dog, history, temperament, grooming and health issues

Kai Ken dogs are known as tiger dogs or Tora Inu.

These dogs have been bred in Japan for centuries and are a national treasure.

History: In Japan, the Kai Ken is the purest and possibly oldest breed of dogs. This breed of dogs was developed as a hunting dog in Kai, an isolated district in Japan. Kai Ken dogs have been known to assist men in hunting deer and wild boar. In 1934, the Kai Ken was designated to be a national monument.

Temperament: The Kai Ken dog is a good family pet.

Playful and affectionate with people in the family, it is particularly sensitive and caring around children. This breed of dogs is very intelligent and can be trained easily. It gets along with other dogs too. Kai Kens are have strong protective instincts and are great watchdogs.

They are a bit reserved with strangers.

Appearance: This medium sized dog has a head the shape of a wedge and prick ears. Males are about 18-22 inches at the shoulder, and the female dogs are smaller at 17-20 inches. The tail is in a sickle position or curled over the back. Remember that the hocks of this dog should be well developed and the limbs should be strong – signs of a rugged mountain life. These dogs have a harsh-textured coat with medium length brindle or black hair. The coat is generally black or red in the background.

Grooming: If you have Kai Ken puppies or digs, then remember to brush or comb their coat occasionally. Also, remember to remove the knots or mats in the soft undercoat, especially if your dog has been gamboling in the woods or in a field. You must bathe your dog occasionally. Kai Kens are energetic dogs, so do take them out for long walks or a run, or indulge them with a play session. They also enjoy all sorts of physical and mental activities.

Things you should know: Kai Ken dogs live for about 16 years. These are hardy dogs with few health issues or genetic issues. They are clean and odorless, and are easy to groom. These dogs can adjust well to apartment life and can live comfortably in smaller living spaces. However, they need to be exercised to remain physically and mentally fit. So do remember to get them to do enough exercise. Even if you don't have a field where the dog can run around, do take your Kai Ken dog for a walk on a leash.

  Submitted on October 20, 2009  

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