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Lancashire Heeler

Lancashire Heeler Dog Breed, Puppies, Breeders, Characteristics, Cost and Information

The Lancashire Heeler can be described as a dog that is set low on the ground, which means that in comparison to the rest of the body, they have short legs.

The Lancashire heeler dogs of today are actually a recreation of the original dogs that belonged to this breed. This is because the Lancashire Heeler was almost extinct at one point of time, especially when people stopped relying on cattle dogs to a great extent. Hence, these dogs were recreated along the lines of the Manchester Terrier and the Welsh Corgi. However, the present Lancashire Heeler dogs are almost identical to the ones that existed ages ago.

In spite of the fact that these dogs still have excellent herding abilities, they are rarely used for those purposes.

One of the main characteristics of the Lancashire Heeler is its physical appearance. An adult dog reaches the height of around 10 to 12 inches and generally weighs around 6 to 13 pounds, i.e., 3 to 6 kilos. They usually have larger, wide-set ears, which should be erect.

Their head is generally in proportion to the rest of the body, though their legs are short, but sturdy. This dog breed has a long chest, firm abdomen and strong back. They have a high set tail, which is carried forward over the back. They could have a long or a short coat, which is plush during the winters and sleek during summers. They are quite easy to groom.

Nature wise, Lancashire heeler puppies and dogs are very friendly, though they are alert and wary of strangers. They have a much superior strength than people realize, combined with broad     instinctive abilities. They make good companions and are good only with children who are older and gentle. One of the traits seen in Lancashire heeler pups is the habit of nipping people, at their heels, which comes from the herding instinct. However, this can be managed with the right training and therefore, pet owners should begin the dog training of Lancashire heeler puppies as early as possible.

The cost of Lancashire heeler pups may vary, based on their age, overall health, as well as the Lancashire heeler breeder. However, these dogs could cost anywhere between US $ 500 to US $ 1,000. There is a lot of additional Lancashire heeler information, easily available through various resources. However, it is best for potential pet owners to consult professional Lancashire heeler breeders for additional information.

  Submitted on September 5, 2011  

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