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Medium dog breed

Medium Breed of Dog:

A man’s best friend is quite truly said to be a dog.

There are different types of dogs for different purposes while some require a watch dog, a companion and some a pet. Also they could be differentiated by their size - a small breed dog, medium breed dogs, big breed dogs and large breed dogs. In case you are choosing to select a dog and want more information always choose a dog that fits your lifestyle and do not expect the dog to adapt to your life style.

One should also check for any health problems, the dog’s temperament, and if there are any specific or special requirements.

If you search the web for a list of medium breed dogs, there are a variety of them. To name a few- Afghan hound, Beagle, English cocker spaniel, Australian shepherd, American Pit Bull Terrier, Cardigan Welsh corgi, Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, and many more are categorized as medium breed dogs.

A medium breed dog weighs 20 to 40 lbs in males and 18 to 25lbs in females. Their height in males would range somewhere from 12 inches to 24 inches, whereas in females there would be a difference of just around an inch or two. In Large dog breeds differences in weight and height are more pronounced. They are generally very playful by nature. The characteristics of each dog are different as compared to the other. At times a particular type of dog like the Afghan hound would be very sweet, loving and playful and one that enjoys human interaction and companionship however they bond with only one or two people in the family and will typically choose to attend to these people rather than respond to commands from everyone. Whereas the American Pit Bull Terrier bonds with everyone be it family friends or strangers and is equally very playful.
Care for medium breed dog or a small breed dog or a large breed dog is more or less the same, with minor differences in aspect of care and grooming or exercise. It is very important to bear in mind that taking care of a dog is like taking care of a child. It requires its daily walks and time spent with them. Their meals should be given in adequate quantities and nutritious at the same time. It is necessary to keep them active and a medium breed dog especially will require longer walks as compared to a small breed dog. In addition routine vaccinations and medications are required to be given on time.

  Submitted on March 8, 2010  

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