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Flat coated retriever

Flat Coated Retriever Breed of Dog:

Originally developed in the United Kingdom, the Flat coated retriever dog is well known for its retrieval instincts when hunting for prey on both land and in water.

Studies have shown that the original breed had a mixture of genes from the now extinct St. Johns water dog variety, although the results have not been confirmed. While the dogs were hugely popular gun dogs during the late 1800’s they were later overshadowed by the breeding of golden retrievers – a very popular breed even to this day.

The end of World War II saw a drastic decrease in the overall Flat coated retriever dog population and only after a significant amount of breeding has the population of the dogs been restored. The Flat coated retriever dog has been increasing in popularity all over again and they are still highly regarded for their hunting ability which also makes them rather alert watch dogs. While the dogs are nowadays more popular as pets, it is not uncommon to see them participate in sport or even conformation showing.

The dogs will usually have a full black or liver colored coat and the fur is usually of a slightly longer growth. The ears can appear to be rather short and maybe even disproportionate to the face of the animal.

The temperament of the animal sees it as a very good natured and loving pet. It is known to be a very good family dog and comes across as being very intelligent and active. The fact that the breed has a tendency to get bored really quickly is possibly its only drawback when it comes to training. The dogs can tend to be little hyperactive owing largely to its characteristic of being very exuberant even into its more advanced years. Unlike most other dogs, the dog is unlikely to develop any kind of alpha dog syndrome if handled by a meek owner, but it is always best that it is led by someone with a stronger character. Due to its very playful nature and boundless energy, a small yard is required at the very least. Being pent up in a small apartment without any adequate daily exercise could cause the animal to get frustrated and even destructive. Flat coated retriever puppies are usually delivered in litters of about 6 to 8.

Unfortunately, the Flat coated retriever dog suffers from a number of health concerns including hip dysplasia and eye problems. Cancer is also very common in this breed while the dog should also be regularly tested for problems like epilepsy and diabetes.

  Submitted on December 29, 2009  

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