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Siberian husky

Siberian husky dog  breed facts and siberian husky puppy training

The Siberian husky is considered to be one of the oldest breeds of canines and was originally developed over a period of about 3000 years by a Siberian tribe known as the Chukchi.

They were specifically bred to withstand some of the harshest of climatic conditions in the world with temperatures that go as low as - 1000 degrees Fahrenheit as well as gusting winds at speeds of 100 miles per hour. The chucki tribes used to rely on siberian husky dogs in order to perform most important tasks including pulling their sleds - which was their primary mode of transport - allowing them to perform their daily duties such as ice fishing. With the occurrence of the Alaskan gold rush, the requirement of sled dogs became even more prominent.

Due to the climatic conditions of the region, Siberian husky dogs were best equipped and were bought at hefty prices before being brought to Alaska.

As you can gather from their previous roles, the animals are very strong and compact. Although they can come in a number of colors, the most common ones are black and pure white.

It is very common for the dog to have a variety of markings on the head. Their eyes may seem very peculiar as they are diamond shaped and may appear a little oblique. Some dogs may also have different colored eyes - prompting experts to claim that they are bi-eyed, with one of the eyes being green and the other one being brown in most cases.

The dogs are known to be very playful as well as gentle, in spite of their rather aggressive appearance. Their boundless energy makes them very mischievous as well as socially lovable and easy going. They are also known to be very good with children. The dogs are more workhorses than watchdogs and will not bark excessively. Siberian husky training can be slightly complicated as these dogs are very strong minded. If they believe that the trainer is not as strong willed as itself, it may tend to assume the role of leader of the pack. Siberian husky training also requires the trainer to be understanding, patient and consistent as well as equipped with an understanding of arctic dog character. Due to their long active history, they require a huge amount of exercise over the course of the day. If denied the adequate amount of exercise, the animal could turn very destructive. They can get on very well with other dogs that they have grown up with, largely due to their pack mentality.

  Submitted on October 27, 2009  

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