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Boweimar - Information on the Dog Breed, Puppies, Breeders and Characteristics

The Boweimar breed is a designer breed of dogs.

A designer breed is one where dogs from one breed are matched to dogs from another breed to create a hybrid mix. The mix, in the case of the Boweimar breed is between a Boxer and a Weimaraner breed.

Boweimar Puppies, Breeders, Size and Characteristics

As with most designer mixes, the Boweimar breeders tend to pick and choose the dogs that are used to produce the mix.

This is because they wish to ensure that certain characteristics are maintained in the dog. Most examples of the Boweimar breed are produced from pure bred Boxers and pure bred Weimaraner breeds. However, one may also find a dog that has multiple generations of cross breeding in its lineage.

The Boweimar is a medium sized dog that requires an open area to play and to sniff about. The Boweimar dog breed is very excitable and may even suffer from anxiety related problems. This makes Boweimar puppies slightly difficult to deal with. A general recommendation applicable to this dog is that the owner or owners should be experienced at handling dogs in the past. New owners should choose other breeds that have less nervous energy than the Boweimar breed.

Even though training the Boweimar can be troublesome, it should be noted that the Boweimar dog tends to respond well to training. Over time, firm yet comforting treatment can be used to make the dog behave well and to get rid of its nervous energy and anxiety. That said, it is necessary to make sure that the Boweimar dog gets plenty of exercise and is allowed to run about freely. This means that the owner should have a yard or access to a nearby garden where the dog can be kept allowed to roam about without a leash. The excess energy of the dog also means that one should ensure that various energy-intensive games are played. One can run and play catch with the dog in a large open area to ensure that the dog gets plenty of exercise.  

The Boweimar is a light shedding dog and requires minimal or no dog grooming. The coat of the dog is extremely short haired, thus making it easy to clean the dog and also to prevent infestations with ticks and other skin based parasites. One can also use the bathing time of the dog as a way of playing with the dog so that it burns off some energy.
  Submitted on October 11, 2011  

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