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Aussiedoodle - Information on the Dog Breed, Breeders, Health, Temperament, Grooming and Training

The Aussiedoodle is a mix of the Australian Shepherd and Poodle.  It is a cross breed that has originated only in recent years.

These dogs are often recommended for those with allergies as they experience minimal shedding.

Aussiedoodle Temperament

The Aussiedoodle is playful and interactive and very attached to other dogs, their owners, and especially children. They make wonderful pets for the entire family because they display their affection so openly that one cannot help but respond in kind. The Aussiedoodle temperament is well balanced and they have no problems with other dogs or with other house pets.

They foster a good relationship with humans, especially children because that is in their very nature.  Since they make the first approach to people, they are very poor guard dogs or even watchdogs but they can be protective if they feel their family is threatened. The Aussiedoodle has a muscular body that goes with its athletic and agile propensities. The soft silky coat is a unique characteristic of this dog breed. Without a high rate of mental and physical exercise the Aussiedoodle would become bored.

It can stay comfortably in a smallish apartment as long as it gets a generous quota of physical activity. They particularly love open fenced areas where running about especially with other dogs is not restricted.

Aussiedoodle Care and Health

Each dog may need brushing or careful trimming depending on the nature of his coat. Examination and cleaning of the ears is important, and should never be neglected. Hip or elbow dysplasia (displacement) can cause quite a problem, so keep a steady and constant check for these symptoms. Grooming of the aussiedoodle will include nails clipped and hair brushed in addition to being taken to the vet for vaccinations and to ensure good health and to treat illness. Any desire to purchase such a dog must be balanced against an acceptance of the responsibilities and the expenses involved in maintaining the dog in good health.

Aussiedoodle Training

These are intelligent dogs, eager to learn. Since by nature they socialize easily, they can be exposed to socialization early, so that they get along well with other animal pets as well as the humans they will be exposed to in a domesticated environment. Harsh, abrupt, or heavy handed training methods will not produce quick results, and should be avoided. The dog training should be imparted with patience and firmness, and the methods should be consistent to get the best results in the shortest time. One unusual condition where these dogs are concerned is that they need to be supervised and their training consistent for as long as they live. At times this training will show indications of their primal herding instincts and they are aware of a job that requires their attention and drive.

The Aussiedoodle deserves active owners to complement its own zeal in active games and exercises because it has more energy than one would expect of other breeds, and deserves to have it’s needs fulfilled, otherwise they get bored and indulge in activities that turn out to be destructive. An Aussiedoodle dog owner who wishes to look after his pet as is required should check with the breeder on the various needs of the dog. This will help to ensure that the dog adjusts well to their new life. Aussiedoodle breeders also provide information as to whether a dog has had its vaccinations and gone in for regular tests.  He should learn and undertake the basic training of the dog in obedience and physical well being.  He should be aware of what the dog’s diet should consist of.  Depending on the dog’s breed he should make suitable arrangements for his sleeping accommodation and habits.
  Submitted on September 23, 2011  

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