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Boxador - Information on the Dog Breed, Puppies, Breeders, Size and Temperament

The Boxador can be defined as a crossbreed between a Labrador retriever and a Boxer.

Both of these are purebreds.  Labradors and boxers are both known for their playful lively demeanor and their fierce loyalty. The Labrador is known for its pleasant personality, for its hunting and retrieving skills. It does not have any aggressive tendencies and takes delight in the company of children. The Boxer is wary of strangers and is most comfortable with its own family. Thus when one crossbreeds a Boxer and a Labrador, you get the perfect family pet.

The Boxador is easy to train, can get along with small children and is great with families. They are found to be loyal, non aggressive and loving in nature. The Boxador is energetic but is not uncontrollable. Hence it makes an ideal companion for a human. Boxador puppies are born with coarse and short hair.

They do not shed too much and can live for about 13 years.

Boxador Puppies, Breeders, Size and Temperament

The Boxador temperament is easy going. Before you consider getting yourself a Boxador you should be aware of some basic Boxador information. Since both the source breeds, Labradors and Boxers are large; the Boxador is also a large dog breed and hence is not suited for life in an apartment. Thus the Boxador size can vary from 80 to 90 pounds in weight. The female Boxador dog weighs much lesser than the male. There are a few illnesses that both the Labrador and Boxers are prone to and hence the Boxador may also be vulnerable to these conditions. These include ear infections, dysplasia and cancer. Boxador breeders try to breed them carefully and thus avoid passing on any of these illnesses to the new puppy. You should always make sure that a Boxador puppy is fed on a healthy and natural diet. These dogs require very little grooming. They probably need to be brushed once in a week during summer. This is when they shed. It may also be a good idea to bathe them once a week.

The Boxador is an energetic breed and will require a fair amount of exercise. It is essential to get them socialized from birth. The Boxador is found to be good with children who also exert a soothing effect on them. They are intelligent dogs and training them should not be much of a problem. They need to get adequate exercise to ensure that they do not get aggressive due to inactivity. They come in three colors of tan, black and brindle.

  Submitted on October 11, 2011  

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