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Elo Dog Breed, Puppies, Information, Behavior and Appearance

Dogs as pets are quite common and often taken on as they can be good guard dogs, good companions and very fulfilling as pets.

There are some breeds which do not always meet these criteria. To deal with that problem, a breed like the Elo was created.

The Elo is a unique breed as it is bred keeping in mind the behavioral and physical traits to make a perfect family dog.  It was first bred by Marita and Heinz Szobries in Germany in 1987.

The Elo dog is a German breed which has been trademarked by the Elo Breeding and Research Organization.  You cannot breed an Elo without the permission of this organization as it is a trademark in Germany. A related dog breed called Klien- Elos is being developed from the Pekingese and various small Spitz.

As the aim is to seek compliant pets, different breeds are a part of the mix while breeding Elo. The original pair included Bobtails or English sheepdogs and Eurasiers.

Both these breeds had characteristics that made them good breeds to make for Elo. From the resulting litter, dogs that showed good potential were bred further. Later breeds like Dalmatian, Chow Chow and Samoyed were also added to the breeding mix. In fact the name Elo is short for Eloschaboro and is made from the three breeds, Eurasiers, Bobtails and Chow Chow.

As it is bred with certain specifications in mind, the appearance of the dogs in this breed can vary greatly. Elo dog information that is available does have a standard for the Elo dog breed. It can be about 46 centimeters tall and weigh in a range of 22 to 25 kilograms. The body is generally longer, than taller. This dog even has a long tail with a considerable fur covering. The dog’s coat can be short or medium length and with a dense undercoat. These puppies can have any color, with the combinations of white with brown, black, gray or red being desired colors.

As these dogs are bred to be perfect pets, they are generally calm and well behaved dogs. They are good around children. These dogs work well in apartments too.  As it is inbred, Elo puppies run a high risk of inbreeding and hereditary diseases. These dogs can also suffer from distichia in which the dog suffers from corneal damage. When you purchase or go looking for an Elo, do make sure it is registered with the organization.
  Submitted on September 5, 2011  

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