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German wirehaired pointer

German Wirehaired Pointer:

The German wirehaired pointer is a breed of dog developed in Germany in the 1800’s specifically for hunting and its popularity soared in the later years of the 20th century as a gun dog.

The dog is sturdily built with a well muscled torso and is of medium size. Its wire like coat is weather resistant and even repels water to some extent. It insulates the dog from cold during winters and is very thin during summers.

The German wirehaired pointer is extremely energetic and intelligent and displays a tremendous amount of loyalty to their masters. In protecting its master it can also be aloof and aggressive towards strangers. A sociable animal, it does not do well if put in a kennel environment and requires people around it who will give it the necessary exercise lest it become bored and destructive.

The breed works well at tracking and can track on both land and water. Their colours vary from Dark Brown, Chocolate, Chestnut to Roan coats, Black and Liver.

German wirehaired pointer puppies have to be trained consistently when young and the dog tricks taught to it must not change. They have a tendency to play rough and their boundless energy is not suited if there are toddlers and old infirm people at home. The puppies have a tendency to chase and seize cats and other small animals, and since this is a natural instinct they must either be socialized into the environment or not brought into a household with other pets around. While there are typical breed characteristics the German wirehaired pointer puppy maybe energetic or placid, sweet natured or hard headed, of a serious introverted nature or the kind that goofs about and loves people. Although certain breed characteristics remain consistent it need not conform to the norm, particularly because of its wilful nature.   

The willful nature of the dog is accentuated by the fact that it is extremely manipulative and insists on being the dominant one in the relationship. This will be evident in its behavior towards other dogs and pets of the same sex in the household. Hence, it is of paramount importance to train the dog such that it knows who the dominant one in the relationship is. German wirehaired pointer training must involve giving the dog enough exercise and mental stimulation lest its pent up energy be evident in destructive chewing that may lead to a yard or garden in shambles. As regards house breaking, the dog is slow at picking up instructions and requires slow and persistent crate training.

  Submitted on November 24, 2009  

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