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Norwegian buhund

Norwegian buhund dog temperament, grooming and training norwegian buhund puppies

The Norwegian Buhund dog, or the Norwegian Sheepdog, is a medium sized arctic dog that belongs to the Spitz type.

Even though medium-sized, this breed has a light build and is short and compact. These dogs are quite adorable in appearance and temperament, which is affectionate, energetic and playful. They love their family a lot; will please the owner, and love licking and cuddling. Norwegian Buhund dogs were originally used to herd livestock and guard family and farms.

This is why the dog often becomes a self-appointed watchdog of the family. Lately, they are also trained to help the hearing impaired and they also engage in police work. A Norwegian Buhund will be as happy indulging in physical activity with the family as it would be to just lie at the owner’s feet after a tiring day. These dogs are also quite self confident in addition to being alert and agile.

Norwegian Buhund dogs are especially fond of children and the elderly. Though this breed is not aggressive with anyone, it is not too fond of strangers, who will be ignored, or if seen as a threat to the family, barked at.  

The Norwegian Buhund breed does not need too much grooming. It has a short and an easy to maintain double coat that needs just a bit of brushing. However, the dog is a seasonal shedder and needs extra care during such times. Norwegian Buhund puppies like being taught, and are fast learners and very attentive. In fact, this breed is known to be the most trainable in the Spitz type. They have to be taught consistently from their early days. Though they are keen learners, training them to be obedient is a must or they start barking at the owner if they do not get something they want. This is an indication that the dog believes he is the leader of the pack. So, their handler must have a strong mind or these pups become very stubborn. If petting a Norwegian Buhund, it would be necessary to have a yard where the energetic dog can play. Or then, the apartment has to be big enough for the dog to move around. It has to be taken for a daily regime of long brisk walks or jogging and other exercises. If one wants to know the true value of this breed, then the fact that they were often buried with their Viking owners as prized possessions and to watch over them in the afterlife would suffice as proof!

  Submitted on October 29, 2009  

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