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Kuri Dog

Kuri Dog Breed, Information, Canine, Puppy, Temperament and Qualities

The kuri dog, also often known as the Maori dog, is usually found only in New Zealand.

The kuri dog, however, is not indigenous to New Zealand. The dog was introduced to the mainland of New Zealand many centuries ago, in around 1350 AD, at the time of the great migration. Though the dog breed was introduced with great gusto, it could not establish itself well in the country, and soon after, the kuri dog numbers began to dwindle.

The kuri dog breed became extinct once the European settlers arrived in New Zealand.

The kuri dog is a low set animal, which appears to be very small and rather ugly in its appearance. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why the dog was not received well by the Europeans, who brought with them beautiful and elegant European dogs.

The kuri dog is not of much use in hunting, as it has a very poor sense of smell. However, despite the poor senses, the dog has been used in hunting of some birds that move only at night. In the duck season, the dog has also been used to hunt ducks.

The kuri dog sits very low on its legs and is black or white. It has a long body, a thick tail, and very straight ears, making it look like a fox. It also had a strong and full jaw, which actually sets it apart from foxes, despite its other similarities to the animal.

Though not much is known about the kuri dog, accounts of its disposition and temperament indicate that the dog was lazy and usually sullen. It was not very good as a pet, as it did not have all the qualities that were expected in pet dogs. Kuri, though being a dog, did not really bark at all. In fact, the dog made a crying noise, which could at times be a little jarring. Though the dog was not a typical playmate or companion, it is believed that Maori women were quite fond of it because of its fussy nature.

Most of kuri dog breed information has been obtained from the accounts of people who either had these dogs or knew someone who had them. The kuri canine species became extinct due to its stark dissimilarities from any other domesticated dog breeds. However, the kuri puppy features a lot in the Maori tradition and was also considered the aid to a pagan war god.

  Submitted on September 5, 2011  

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