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Doberman pinscher

Doberman Pinscher Breed of Dogs:

Doberman pinscher dogs are one of the most commonly seen household pets in today’s world.

Highly regarded throughout history for their substantial intelligence, they were once commonly used as guard dogs and trained police dogs.  While this is less of a custom nowadays, Doberman pinscher dogs are still mostly considered to be rather aggressive dogs even though that can be extremely affectionate to their human masters. A huge portion of the public mentality that does not recognize the affectionate side of this breed can be attributed to the media as the dogs are very commonly depicted in Hollywood films to be trained killers.

The dogs were hugely popular as guard dogs mainly because of their qualities of not only assertiveness, but also being very courageous with a controlled amount of aggression. The dogs are very athletic and were often trusted with a lot of dangerous and stressful missions along side a brave handler.

Doberman pinscher training is not as easy as it is with some other breeds. While they are rather easy to train because of their high levels of intelligence, people in the household also need to make sure that they do not give in to the animal’s desires for too long as they can tend to dominate the masters at time. First and foremost, it is essential that the owner be very assertive and make sure they keep the dog in check and let it know who the boss is on a regular basis. Due to their high levels of athletic ability, Doberman pinscher dogs need a high level of daily exercise. While the dogs are better maintained in houses with large open spaces, they can adapt to an apartment as long as they get a lot of exercise at some point of the day. The Doberman pinscher dogs lifespan is about 12 years under the right living conditions and diet but are prone to a few medical problems such as hip dysplasia, bloating and heart disease. Avoid exposing the animal to excessively cold weather conditions as they tend to suffer from a sore throat very frequently.

With the huge variety of dog food available, it is essential that you pick out the right kind of food for your dog, whatever the breed. A large part of the optimum diet depends on the primary features and functions of the canine. Due to their superior athletic and physical performance, Dobermans are best fed large amounts of protein via dog foods that are primarily meat based.
  Submitted on May 7, 2010  

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