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Nova scotia duck tolling retriever

Nova scotia duck tolling retriever dog and nova scotia duck tolling retriever puppies

The Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever dog, also called a Toller or NSDTR, has its origins in Canada and is among the smallest of the retriever breed.

This is a muscular dog breed that resembles a smaller version of the golden retriever. The Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever was bred in the early 1800s to recover waterfowl as the name of the dog suggests. A Toller has a well-insulated chest that allows it to swim easily in cold waters too. These dogs are affectionate, energetic, sensible, and quite devoted to the family.

The Toller is a good companion and really thrives for its owner's company. One must not take its dull expressions seriously because once it is engaged in a hunt, it can be very spirited and lively. The Toller likes luring and retrieving. While tolling is its natural trait and does not have to be taught, Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever puppies need training in retrieving.

For this, things need to be thrown, which they are made to retrieve. Generally, Nova Scotia Duck tolling retriever training is not difficult especially when it comes to obedience training. Also, Toller puppies need to be socialized right from the beginning. That done, they get along well with other dogs and animals too. These dogs are especially fond of children. However, they are more reserved with strangers as compared to the Golden Retriever.  

The Toller has a double coating of fur, the outer coat is water-resistant, while the inner coat is quite essential to keep it warm. One needs to comb and brush the coat with a firm bristle brush. While doing this, attention needs to be paid to the thick undercoat as well. The Toller is an average shedder, and needs to be bathed only when necessary. If bathed too frequently, it will lose the natural oils, which give the dog its water resistant quality. The Toller is a healthy breed in general, but it is susceptible to certain health conditions like thyroid problems, autoimmune problems, and progressive retinal atrophy, most of which are genetic problems. The Toller needs a lot of physical exercise and should be taken on long brisk walks or jogs on a daily basis. Additionally, you must play retrieving games with this breed; nothing will please them more. It enjoys being with the master and will do its duty with great fervor and dedication.

  Submitted on May 7, 2010  

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