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Kooikerhondje dog

All About Kooikerhondje dog history and puppies care and training

History: The Kooikerhondje dog is a native of the Netherlands and originated sometime during the 1500s.

These dogs were generally used to hunt ducks. But after the World War II, these dogs almost became extinct. Sometime in the 1940s, a Baroness started reviving this breed of dogs. However, even today, the breed is rare and difficult to get.

Color and coat: Some of the most common colors of these dogs are white, or orange and white.

Kooikerhondje dogs have a double coat, and the outer coat is water-proof. The hair of this coat is medium to long, and slightly wavy. These dogs have bushy tails and a slight feathering on the backs of the ears, chest, and legs. Their undercoat is dense and short.

Character: Hardly ever found outside the Netherlands, these medium-sized dogs look a bit like Setters or Spaniels.

These dogs are alert, versatile, and brave, and are known for flushing as well as retrieving fowl.

Temperament: This breed of dogs is known to be good-natured, attentive, and lively. However, they are not recommended for families with boisterous children. Kooikerhondje dogs are reserved with strangers but loyal and close to their families. If your Kooikerhondje is raised with other pets, they will get along well with the others. These dogs can be good as family pets and as hunting companions.

These dogs are agile, alert and intelligent, and are very territorial in nature. They bark at strangers, who enter their territory. They are also very good swimmers and enjoy a variety of exercise.
Care: These dogs need to be brushed occasionally, and can be bathed when they really need a wash. You must keep make it a point to check their ears regularly to keep them clean. Some of the health issues that these dogs are susceptible to include myelopathy, Patella luxation, eye disorders, Von Willebrand Disease, and epilepsy. These dogs can eat a lot and have a tendency to gain weight rapidly.

Training: These sensitive dogs do not respond well to heavy-handed or harsh methods. You must train them with patience, fairness, kindness, and consistency. These dogs enjoy running and thrive on physical activity. If you live in an apartment, then we suggest that you do not get this breed of dog.

If you want to get home Kooikerhondje puppies, then it is advisable to adopt one from a reputable breeder. Also remember that every puppy is different and you need to know more about this breed of dogs by reading, researching, and speaking with vets.

  Submitted on October 20, 2009  

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