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Alangu Mastiff

Alangu Mastiff

The Alangu Mastiff is also known as the Indian Mastiff, a breed found in South India.

Mastiffs are powerful and large dogs that generally serve as watchdogs or working dogs. Alangu Mastiffs are strong, large dogs that make excellent guard dogs. They are known to have keen instincts and guard very well. The alangu mastiff dog is not a suitable choice for owners who have never had a dog before. Owners who tend to have a timid nature should also not opt for the Alangu Mastiff.

Handling and training these dogs in the correct manner requires a great deal of experience.

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This breed was used by the Persian army to monitor the enemy soldiers which were taken captive. Today they are still used in some countries in dog fighting. Alangu mastiff dogs are usually considered to be war dogs. They were also used by the Indian royalty for hunting.

This tall, sturdy dog grows to about 29 – 30 inches in height. It is a muscular breed with a long back and well built limbs. Loose skin covers the mouth and neck. The tail is tapering and the coat may be brindle, fawn or red in color with various markings. The ears are high set and the muzzle is black. Due to the built of its structures, this breed has a square appearance. The walk of the Alangu mastiff is long and agile and the expression is always alert. Due to its history of guarding and fighting, these dogs tend to be aggressive in nature. It can also be difficult to train them. This breed needs a large amount of exercise and hence the living space must be large. They remain uncomfortable in small areas as they need to run about. The Alangu mastiff has sharp hunting and guarding instincts. Due to this the breed has earned a reputation of being vicious and fierce. However, with good and appropriate dog training, the Alangu mastiff can become a faithful and kind pet.

The coat of the Alangu mastiff does not require too much of maintenance. Since the coat is short, extensive grooming is not necessary. Shedding is also moderate. Owners only need to use a firm bristle brush for brushing the coat. A damp towel can be used to clean the dog and give a shine to the coat. Since this is a rare breed, alangu mastiff breeders may not be easy to locate and the prices of these dogs may also be on the higher side.

  Submitted on September 5, 2011  

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