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Lagotto romagnolo

Lagotto romagnolo dog history and lagotto romagnolo puppies care and training

History: Lagotto Romagnolo dogs have originated in Italy, where they were used as hunters and water retrievers.

It is believed that most other water dogs have descended from this breed. Another interesting fact about these dogs is that they are the only breed that can search for the edible fungi called Truffles.

Colour and coat: These dogs are generally orange and white, brown roan, brown, orange, off-white, and brown and white. These dogs have a thick, woolly, and curly coat. They are hypoallergenic.

Character: These dogs are small to medium in size. They are stocky, well-built, and vivacious. These dogs have great scenting abilities, and are intelligent and attentive. Lagotto Romagnolo dogs have a gentle expression on their woolly faces.

Temperament: These dogs are affectionate and loyal, and are excellent family companions.

If you have socialized your pets with other pets and pet dogs, then they can get along well with everyone. They can get very attached to family members and to their home. You can trust a Lagotto Romagnolo dog to alert your family towards any oncoming danger.

Care: You need to comb the coat of a Lagotto Romagnolo to prevent it from matting. Get the dog’s coat clipped by a professional about twice a year. Bathe your dog whenever necessary. These dogs have a low incidence of cerebral anomaly and hip dysplasia.

Training: These dogs are eager to learn and very intelligent. It is advisable to socialize them early and teach them how to obey orders. However, keep in mind that these dogs will not respond to heavy-handed methods and harsh treatment. You need to be consistent, patient, and fair while training them, and need to use positive reinforcement.

Activity: These dogs need large spaces and owners who are physically active. If you live in an apartment or enjoy the sedentary life, then we suggest that you do not get this dog. This breed enjoys being mentally and physically stimulated, and is best suited to the rural setting. They might become destructive if they become bored. Keep in mind that these dogs enjoy digging up the earth, so protect your landscape. Lagotto dogs are known for their obedience, agility, and tracking.

Ownership: We suggest that if want to get Lagotto Romagnolo puppies, then adopt them from a reputable breeder. Before you get home a puppy, research about the breed and get to know the traits of a Lagotto Romagnolo dog.

  Submitted on October 20, 2009  

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