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Wirehaired vizsla

Wirehaired Vizslas Breed of Dog:

The wirehaired vizslas are one of the more recent breeds of dogs and were initially developed around the 1930’s.

Primarily known as excellent hunting dogs, these canines are extremely versatile and can easily adapt to family life. They are also endowed with an excellent sense of smell as well as a heightened level of trainability. Like with most modern breeds, the wirehaired vizsla is a product of very careful and selective breeding where he breeders realized that the Vizslas that sported thicker coats were more protected from water – thereby gaining a significant hunting advantage.

They are rather large in size and their heads are heavily accentuated by the presence of a rather prominent beard. Their bodies are extremely muscular and their necks almost equally thick. The wirehaired vizsla is a very gentle and affectionate canine that can be extremely protective of its family and master.

It is essential that you allow wirehaired vizsla puppies to socialize adequately as this will prevent any unwanted character traits such as being overly suspicious of strangers. The animal requires to be consistently kept busy as it can get bored very easily – thereby leading to other problems with the animal such as destructive chewing of any objects lying about the house. The wirehaired vizsla has a tendency to be a little willful but is also extremely smart and highly trainable. Like with most dog breeds, the wirehaired vizsla dog requires the trainer to be very strong minded or else the animal could be allowed to develop a pack leader mentality where it believes that the human is supposed to follow its lead. This could give rise to a number of character flaws including disobedience and destructiveness. The wirehaired vizsla dogs are extremely good with children, but should not be left alone with them primarily because of its large size.

The natural hunting instincts of the animal will require that it live in an area with large open spaces so it has sufficient room to run about all day. However, they can adapt to smaller houses with at least an average sized yard. The wirehaired coat can feel rather harsh and will have no glossy finish. As a result, the amount of grooming required for the animal is negligible and all that may be constantly required is the brushing of the coat with a firm bristle and dry shampoo as well as an occasional bath with the help of some mild soap.

  Submitted on January 27, 2010  

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