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Chinook Dog, Breeders, Price, Cost, Nature and Characteristics

The Chinook is rare sled dog that originated in New England.

One man, Arthur Walden is responsible for popularizing the Chinook. He bred his male Chinook with a large tawny Mastiff like dog. The result came to be known as the breed we know as Chinook. By the early 19th century, Julia Lombard had taken over the breeding of Chinooks but their existence was threatened.

By 1982, only 11 breeding worthy dogs were left. These dogs were divided among the chinook dog breeders and today it is still a difficult breed to source.  Today this dog breed is also known as New Hampshire State Dog. This dog has even set records as a sled dog, for carrying loads, running time and distance covered.

This breed is a muscular breed that weighs about 55 to 90 pounds and is about 21 to 27 inches tall. The dog is brown in color in a gamut of honey to reddish gold, with black or tawny markings.

The dog can also be white in color. The dog has a muscular and a well balanced body. This dog has a double coat which consists of short thick undercoat and a medium length and coarser to feel. Maintenance of the coat is easy. This dog usually grooms itself and therefore requires little attention from the owner. The dog does tend to shed, more in some months and less otherwise. It can be trained for obedience and does not always need to be kept company. This breed needs moderate exercise and can live for about 10-15 years. Chinooks tend to have some recurrent health problems of canine hip dysplasia, eye defects and epilepsy.

It is usually a calm and non aggressive dog that is friendly and good with children. This pet tends to be an inclusive one and will want to accompany you everywhere so this is not a dog you will want to keep outdoors. It can be an aloof pet initially but soon is housebroken. It is also a very hardworking breed. Though the dog is largely tamed as a pet, it is also still occasionally used for search and rescue operations and pulling sledges.

The Chinook dog is an expensive dog with only a few breeders in the US who sell these dogs. The Chinook dog price can be quite steep, costing about $800 to $1000 for a purebred Chinook. Crossbred Chinooks sell for about $650 to $800.
  Submitted on September 5, 2011  

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